Salido vs Roman

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Salido vs Roman Live

Salido vs Roman

Someday, Orlando Salido will be all but forgotten. This is not a fighter who is going to reaches out to future generations, he’s not headed to the Hall of Fame, he isn’t/wasn’t truly elite. His accomplishments and his career will fade away as new fighters come along. There have been many Salidos throughout boxing history.

But Salido is the type of fighter that people who watched him will remember and talk about for a long time. “Remember Orlando Salido? Hell of a fighter.” And youngsters will look at his record and wonder if he was so great, why did he lose so much? Why didn’t he have a sparkling record?

There’s a lot to be said for actually experiencing someone’s career, because I’m going to talk about Orlando Salido in my coming decades a lot more than I will a lot of better fighters. Because not only is he really good, but he’s been a true warrior in his career. The fact he’s still a top contender at age 37, 13 years after his loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in his first world title shot, says plenty.

Salido won his last fight, back in May in Mexico against Aristedes Perez, and was 0-1-2 in his previous three, all terrific fights, two against Rocky Martinez and one with Francisco Vargas. He remains a reliably entertaining TV fighter and someone who can hang with the division’s best. Until someone proves otherwise, he is a threat at 130.