Garcia vs Rios

Saturday Feb 17 night Garcia vs Rios live stream online full fight show time boxing. Danny Garcia he’s a better polished. Brandon Rios the more polished complete boxer and he got a good left hook what about reals. He did not go dumb questions like that sophisticated questions look Brennan wheels. Danny Garcia l got a lot of mileage on himself. Brandon Rios but he’s a tough guy I like him Oh favorite Garcia Rios is prime. He would have made it an interesting fight Danny Garcia too slick too fast too strong. I think it’s actually a mismatch and I hate to see Brandon Rios go out like that. Because I really admire everything that he’s done but Garcia stop. It’s probably really early I love both brothers. Randy Brandon Rios one of the first people I became COO it. Californian good dude man.
Garcia vs Rios Fight preview and match up

Danny Garcia the edge with Anna and all the time you know I may have been Santa putting. It away oh no here guard coach Pig are a coach right here. This motherfucker send me I did not figure in I think I’ve picked miss Hulett on he always keeps it. He always keeps it real well they actually ask me some questions I do know the answer buddy 19’s Danny Garcia I am go with Danny Garcia because it’s about his time. You know to get out there and show the guy you know and I’m a fan.

With that right now you put me in certain situations with you and I’m gonna do that I’m a fan of him. So I want to see him come on top. But it’s going to be a good fight. You got some little challenge on his hands. So you know get upper hand up to Garcia . Garcia when wheels it’s going to be a very entertaining fight.

I can tell you that but it’s a must-win for Danny Garcia Brenda Rios is definitely a tough opponent for anyone. But with Garcia I think Garcia has the better skills a little quicker and it’s a must-win for him. Garcia Rios maybe early catch you know Danny when he’s not paying attention early on but I think it’s more of a tuna than anything. But like Garcia yeah Rios I like Matthew logics egg assignment always brings it. But you know haven’t seen much from lately. So I’m not sure where he’s at right now but look forward to fight. But more so for that fight. I’m also looking through the the co-main event Ronald. It’s gonna be exciting you know an action-packed fight. But I got Danny because you know Brandon Rios he always brings the fight to this opponent. so you know I think he’s gonna be there to get hit. But he also gonna give Danny some good shots back. I got Danny ran the wheels Danny.

Just gonna be slicker you going to have a little bit more power. he is just a better boxer. So Danny Garcia all around the board. I mean maybe Brandon Rios might might make it a decent fight. But Danny Garcia blowing him out the water Garcia that my phone brand-new wheels Garcia. Definitely I think Brandon Rios over here you know I’m saying so I am going to have to go with what I said on that one. I fit brand-new wheels Danny Garcia Danny. Because he’s a boxer puncher. Brandon Rios has only got one way to fight and that’s come forward and get hit and then hit you with his bombs. He has great cardio but I don’t see him being Danny Garcia Danny. Danny Garcia all day man Jaime I love Brandon Rios but I got to keep it real Danny Garcia might actually even put him away.