Golden Globe Awards

The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards was a remarkable year for the award function. The ceremony was hosted by Jimmy Fallon and might I say; he did a mighty good job to keep the audience completely engrossed with his impeccable sense of humor.

The performances which were lined up were astounding and took everyone’s breath away. The 75th Annual Globe Awards will be nothing less. And this time again the event will take place with much glamour and extravagance in the Ballroom of Beverly Hilton in LA.

All Hollywood and international stars from both television and film will shine brightly with their beauty and smartness. This event will give extensive exposure to the new stars of Hollywood and other international actors to mingle with the old superheroes of Hollywood.  Let’s check out more details about Golden Globes 2018 live streaming online guide, Schedule, and updates.

Golden Globes 2018
Time 5:00 PM PST
Date 7th January 2018 (Sunday)
Venue Beverly Hills, California, United States
Live Stream Watch Here
Host TBA

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Golden Globes Live Stream Channels 2018

The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards will not only be telecasted live on television through cable, but one who is devoid of television or cable can stream the show live in various online streaming channels in all their electronic devices like laptop, mobiles, tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc. One can watch Golden Globe Awards 2018 online if one is a paid subscriber to NBC channel. NBC will be telecasting the event live, and this will be aired.

Watch Golden Globe Awards 2018 Live Streaming online free

The countdown for 75th Golden Globe Award has already begun and there are many people who will not be able to watch the event live on TV channels due to their commitments at their work or other engagements elsewhere. None will be able to buy the tickets for the event to be a part of the event which is a grand event in the world due to its strict restrictions.

Keeping all these things in mind many Channels and many video platforms are available this time to catch the event live from Beverly Hilton to be a part of it. You can find best-streaming links to watch the show free here. Viewers from any parts of the world can watch Golden Globes through the official Youtube channel or Twitch. Check out the links below.

Watch Golden Globes online here

Best Golden Globe Awards online streaming channels

The last year, that is, in 2017 the Golden Globes Awards was not telecasted or rather streamed live by NBC as the streaming rights of the show belongs to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. That was the time when Twitter had come to the rescue and had streamed the show online. This year in 2018 Twitter will be streaming the event live. The red carpet event and the main event will both be available on Twitter. Users will be needing VPN, and they can witness the event. Facebook will be providing a 360 degree live streaming show which will also require VPN for smooth streaming.

DirectTV NOW of AT & T

DirectTV NOW is a new thing in the world communication and it suggests to cut the cable and to go for it for watching any event live. DirectTV allows one to stream Golden Globe Awards live when NBC is airing the full show live. To catch up the show live on NBC one should have a cable connection. But if one wishes to watch it on their devices like laptop, mobile phones, iPhone, iPad, tablets then DirectTV is the right and best option.

With a very reasonable charge of USD 35 per month one get the facility of watching 60 channels. There is 7-day free trial with which one can also watch the Golden Globe Award 2018 free.  Streaming DirectTV enables one to watch Golden Globe awards from red carpet till the full award ceremony honoring several movies and television show in different categories and enjoy the glamour and glitz of the event.


Sling TV of Dish Network also allows streaming Golden Globe Awards 2018 and one can watch the entire show in all the devices. The charge is also very reasonable. One can download the app in the mobile and enjoy the fun and glamour of Golden Globe Award 2018 and be a part of the event. The cost of Sling TV is even less than Direct TV NOW and it charges only USD 25. There is a 7-day free trial run and with this option, one can watch the event for free.

Sony Play Station

The third option is the Sony Play station streaming which is well known as Sony PlayStation Vue. One can watch the event in a similar manner like other two streaming channels but slight difference is always there.

Local Channel like NC is only available in seven major cities like New York, LA, and Chicago. So it is very important that these channels share the option of streaming online so that the Golden Globe Award 2018 is viewed by all across the nation.

Play Station players like PS3/PS4, iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, Amazon Fire TV and even Chromecast. But if one is out from home one cannot stream anything in PlayStation as it is attached to the home network. Till date, there is no support for Apple TV.

Time, Date and Venue

The gala event of Golden Globe Award 2018 will take place in the Ballroom of Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles from 5:30 pm onwards. The red carpet starts at 5:30 pm and then after two hours the main award event begins with much pomp and glitz. The event will be telecasted on NBC channel on the 7th of January 2018 at 8:00 pm EST.  So it is time to gear up all to catch up the event show live on NBC.

75th Golden Globe Award 2018 Host

The list of the probable hosts of 75th Golden Globe award is long, and everybody keeps their fingers crossed till the name is published or announced. The brighter in the lists are Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler. Just waiting for the right to know the final name of the Host of The 75th Golden Globe Awards 2018. The best among them will surely host the event to awestruck millions of audiences around the Globe.

When will you watch it?

The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be aired on 7th of January 2018 at 8:00 pm on NBC. The countdown of this massive award show has already begun. The stars have their fingers crossed to be in the nominations, and as the audience, we have them too so that our favorites can win it all. The list of the nominations will be coming up very soon in December, and till then all will keep their eyes and ears open to hear and watch more about the event.

Golden Globes 2018 Start time: 8 PM ET

Who will be performing?

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) along with NBC will be hosting The 75th Golden Globe Awards 2018. These updates are the ones who have kept us at the disposal of suspense. They have yet not announced the nominations or the performers. They have not even announced their host. Keeping in mind that last year’s show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon and it was brilliant, this year we surely want more. The nominations for the award will be announced on December 11, 2017.

Golden Globe Award 2018 Schedule

The Golden Globes Awards is the most waited of the award shows. Nevertheless, to say, many people wait for the most entertaining time of the year- The award shows and the celebrity’s appearances! The 75th Golden Globe Awards is all set to be broadcast on Jan 7th, 2018, falling precisely on Saturday. The award show is declared to be going on air at 8 PM, EST.

Now the Annual Golden Globe Awards is going to be huge, enormous and much more stunning this year; as the reports go! The show biz industry has never ceased to put us away. It will originally be live on NBC, but there are a few methods to view it on the web as well, and that is why we are here.

How the Schedule goes on

The deadline for the nomination ballots should be mailed to the members of HFPA by November 24th, 2017. Final screening will take place on December 4th, 2017 for the motion pictures. Nominations will be announced on December 11th, 2017 and last ballots will be mailed to HFPA members on December 18th, 2017.

Read more about Golden Globes 2018 schedule here

Then comes the day for the Award which is on 7th January 2018.

Last year it was La La Land and Moonlight which took away the awards and this year all are waiting to hear the name of both best television show and Film of 2017.

Final Words

The Golden Globe Awards since 1960’s never disappointed any viewers around the Globe, and this year too it will keep its final mark just before the Oscars. 32000 sq. Ft ballroom of Beverly Hilton will be a star-studded on 7th January, and each of these international celebrities will be at their best hopping from one table to another with their stories, fun, and discussion of more ideas and innovations on film and media.

Yes! All are eagerly waiting to catch the event on 7th January 2018. It is not far from today. For more updates keep checking their Facebook and Twitter page.

Long 74 years Hollywood Foreign Press Association is hosting the Golden Globe Awards with NBC covering the entire event live that reaches the bedroom of all viewers of the world. This year in 2018 Golden Globe Award will celebrate its Diamond Jubilee Celebration and it is lifetime event for all in the world who are eagerly waiting for the curtain raiser.

Eminent stars from both television and Film in Hollywood and some astounding international film and actors will be nominated and will surely win the show. Golden Globe Awards precedes Oscars and good films, short films, television serials pave there for victory in Oscars.  Hollywood is a trademark of the international filmdom and this means a lot to all of us.